Internet Marketing Trends 2021

Impero believes that interactive communication will become the main trend in digital marketing. Dynamic content triples the conversion rate of emails. Let’s consider some of the future trends in the advertising area.

Business promotion through a personal brand

It has been proven that the face of a particular person inspires more trust in the audience than an impersonal company. Therefore, in 2021, the promotion of organizations through influencer marketing comes to the fore, i.e. recommendations of opinion leaders.

Let’s consider 3 basic rules of how to promote a company by creating a personal brand:

Promote the person, not the product’

Highlight a leading employee or manager whose opinion the target audience will trust. For example, a surgical clinic is best advertised on behalf of a leading founding surgeon with a positive reputation and extensive experience.

Share Stories’

Instead of stereotyped selling texts in ads and posts, tell stories and cases from personal experience, highlight mistakes and ways to solve them, show your expertise as a company specialist.

Use real photos’

Attach live photos of the influencer in advertising campaigns, refuse stock images. This technique works especially well when the opinion leader is a famous person and has the proper level of trust in the target audience.


According to a survey of social media users, one of the most popular types of content was and will remain the video format. The picture shows the attitude of the audience to the video format.

Next, we will tell you about the features and benefits of publishing videos on Youtube.

Start a company channel on YouTube to solve the following tasks:

Getting targeted traffic.

The video is easily optimized for key queries and can attract a large number of interested audiences.

Interaction with the audience.

Publish videos regularly, motivate users to subscribe to the channel so as not to miss the latest release. Use product reviews, video instructions, video reviews, viral videos as content.

Channel monetization.

A channel with a large number of subscribers is interesting for advertisers and you get a chance to publish an advertising review for money or mutual PR.


Instagram is a universal platform where you can promote almost any business. Many people use this social network only to publish informational posts in the main feed, missing out on ample opportunities for interacting with the audience.

Let’s talk about the 3 main Instagram directions that have entered the Internet marketing trends in 2020:


Engage subscribers with stories, create a separate content plan for stories, launch a target, use stickers to increase activity, and get feedback.


Games are one of the main ways of communicating with the audience. Design interactive quests, online excursions, treasure hunts. When creating a script, rely on the interests of your target audience.


Create a content plan so that Stories and posts resonate with each other. For example, make an announcement in a story for an event or event, and write down the details in a post.

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