Part 1. Marketing rules: What your clients are waiting for

Want to know how to transform visitors into your brand users? The rules we’ve collected can help you increase sales and average check, generate repeat sales, and increase authority.

Rule № 1. Narrow specialization

You can be a great employee, but you cannot be a universal expert. If you are a copywriter, you can’t tell an engineer better how difficult it is to lay a cable along the ocean floor. The engineer can write the articles, but not the fact that it will be understandable and interesting. Join forces and create expert content that customers will respect you for.

Collect information from professionals from different departments of your company. Understand what information can be publicly disclosed so as not to harm the brand. Evaluate which of this information will be of interest to your audience. Process and submit the data so that the result is useful and easy to read.

That is, at the home page you should have all the internal information about the work of the company, and at the bottom of the page – write something that will not hurt your competitors too much, but will interest customers. When working in a narrow field, you must be a very good journalist and a very good PR person. Try to tell your clients what they couldn’t even think of.

What can be done:

  • Show the process and the result of the work of experts in the format of a video message.
  • Create a video tutorial on how to work with a product/service.
  • Make a checklist and/or instructions for working with your brand.

Gather a committee of experts and the marketing department every month. Plan topics together for the next month. Distribute specialists and copywriters for collaboration.

*Tip: Speak in the words of the experts while keeping them lively. Edit to make complex things easier, but don’t change their essence or perception.

Rule № 2. Patience

Think of the fact that everything in the social media world works the same way as in the real world. The relationship with followers is the same relationship with friends. Imagine them as ordinary people. Their reactions are not engagement, and their love is not likes.

Affection and trust is not a question of one day, one post, or one answer. If you try to squeeze or manipulate the relationship, expect the opposite effect.

What can be done:

Write down the stages and terms of your page development: the first 100 subscribers in a week, the first 1000 subscribers in a month, the first 10,000 subscribers in 1 year. Track page performance in terms of engagement and sales (so patience is justified and backed up by results).

Success on the Internet, like in life, takes effort, time, and commitment. You must be patient, move forward with consistent messages, and wait for success. Resist the urge to quit if you don’t see immediate results. Experiment, test, optimize ad campaigns and posts.

Rule № 3. Think ahead

See what’s trending on Youtube. Following clips, cartoons, politics, KVN, and vlogs – life hacks, instructions, advice. Useful things are always viral. For example, a 4-minute video on how to make a cardboard house for a cat. More than 2.6 million views in 3 days.

Think about the answers to what questions your customers want, and give them that.

What can be done:

  • Show how to make the user’s life easier.
  • Demonstrate a new way to use the product.
  • Conduct a video experiment to show the advantage of your product.
  • Tell a helpful/funny emotional story.
  • Show how your product affects people’s lives.

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