Google Discovery Ads

Google Ads covers several ad slots. The company regularly presents new products, and new formats for launching advertising, making life easier for advertisers. One of them was Google Discovery, which the team released in 2020. Despite the popularity of the new type of advertising, some advertisers often prefer to use traditional types of advertising. We’ve put together simple tips and tricks for running Discovery advertising, what principles to follow, and the differences from regular Display Network advertising campaigns. Google Discovery has a non-standard approach, which makes it unique and uniquely effective for promotion.

Google’s algorithms process and analyze search queries. This allows you to make a detailed portrait of the user and track his behaviour, intentions, and events as a consumer. For example, based on data on which mobile applications it downloads, which objects it searches on the map). As a result, the potential buyer sees Google Discovery advertising that best suits his interests.

Discovery Ads is available on placements such as:

    • YouTube video hosting tape.
    • Gmail
    • Google Discovery Feed news feed.

Available formats

Discovery is an image advertisement that appears as a banner or photo gallery at a time when the user is just surfing the Internet. An advertiser can run one of two types of ads in their account.

    • Standard advertising with one photo.
    • Discovery Carousel advertisement.

The destination URL will be required for both types. It must be configured before starting. You can specify the page that is most interesting to your target audience. Here they immediately buy goods without additional search on the site. Discovery Ads does not support video.

Key elements and requirements for them

In addition to the page URL, Google Discovery ad units include:

    • Title;
    • Description;
    • Image / photo collection;
    • Company logo and name;
    • Call to action.

Google Discovery Principles

Many brands prefer to use standard CMS ads that they have been working with for a long time. However, with the rapid development of the Internet, Google’s use of artificial intelligence to analyze user behaviour gives impetus to apply modern methods of advertising campaigns for their own business, which is quickly reflected in analytics.

Google Discovery Ads

Discovery Ads targeting is unique, but image ad units are also multifunctional. Like media advertising, a format is an adaptive form. The advertiser provides a series of images and descriptions, and algorithms determine the optimal ad to show based on demographics and user behaviour.

What is better to avoid?

If you decide to run Discovery, we recommend that you prepare in advance and consider the following details:

    • Don’t complicate your ads with interactivity. Google strongly evaluates Discovery ads compared to standard CMS campaigns.
    • It is not recommended to overlay a lot of text on the image.
    • First, set up conversion tracking. Conversion data is used to set bids in the Discovery format.
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