How to publish content to be effective

Before posting content on social networks, determine what exactly you will write about and how often. Keep in mind that your articles should be relevant, interesting, and most importantly, useful to the user.

When choosing the websites for promotion, do not try to “enter” all existing media at once. Analyze what your target audience prefers and lead your pages there. Services such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are the most popular nowadays.

Don’t write boring and long texts – nobody wants to read them. Your messages should be concise, informative, and thematically correct. Add a picture or video, perhaps with a touch of entertainment. Try to provide content that matches the users’ mood. You can even break down the topics by day of the week:

  • Monday is the day after the weekend, when users (most often) are in a depressed mood, in anticipation of a long working week, you should not “load” users on this day with a large flow of information.
  • Tuesday is a good day, everyone is actively getting involved in work and is ready to “consume” new information.
  • Wednesday is considered the most productive day of the week, as everyone is actively working and at the same time can very actively take part in various raffles and competitions.
  • On Thursday, all users gradually start thinking about the weekend, and on this day the perception of information declines, although useful content “tied” to the weekends will be well received.
  • Everyone is planning a weekend on Friday, so the content should be appropriate.
  • Saturday and Sunday – weekends and users spend their time offline, based on this, you can take a break until Monday.

Try to update the content no more than three times a day, and for everything to be structured it is very convenient to keep short thematic sections (just their topics can be “tied” to the days of the week). With a non-standard and creative approach to creating your content, the audience of your subscribers will grow.

Remember, all the information you post must be spread over the network. If this does not happen you may be giving the wrong information or addressing it to the wrong audience.

A social network is a place where users relax, communicate, exchange opinions, photos. And if you start offering them something to buy, you will most likely provoke aggression. Better don’t sell anything if it’s not your business. Before you think about what content you will provide to the user, it is very important to determine exactly how your communication with them will be built.

You may create your brand and communicate on your behalf, but represent the company and create user associations, or you may create a company page that you or someone else from the company will lead, but incognito to raise awareness specifically brand.

Another possible option is creating a company page and an employee representative page. By choosing this option, you tend to build a more trusting relationship with your audience.

*Important! If you have employees who have marked the place of work in their accounts, you should monitor their activities on the network, as they are a direct reflection of your business and create a certain reputation for the company.

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