Part 2. Marketing rules: What your clients are waiting for

Rule № 4. The role of influence

One of the most effective ways to sell goods is choosing your trendsetters people whose opinion influences the opinion of your audience. Agree on the terms: post for money or post for products. We believe that very soon opinion leaders will talk about your products/services/personalities themselves, because you gave them pleasant emotions, but for now, motivate them financially.

What can be done:

Make a list of influencers in your business sector. Ask your target audience who they consider an expert. Evaluate the effectiveness of product posts on their page, presentation of information – everything that will help you understand whether it is worth working with this person.

Determine which influencers you already have as friends and in what relationship you are. If a person knows and respects you, offer to bring him your product for free or give him access to the service. Ask for a post about this experience. Do not ask for the service of unfamiliar truth-tellers unless you are 100% sure of the quality of the product.

If there are influencers on your list that you don’t know, find mutual friends. If you know how to be a pen pal, try to negotiate directly.

*VERY IMPORTANT: If you know your product is substandard or flawed, don’t even try to push it through the influencers. They value their reputation. It’s very good if they just don’t write about you. If you’ve pissed off an influential person, hold on. Everyone will know about your mistake. You can start preparing a new product.

Take the time to discover the influencers in your business sector and work to build trust with them.

Rule № 5. Availability

Where there is recognition, there is accessibility. Imagine that the message from the client is an outstretched hand for a handshake. Press right away, otherwise you will offend and anger the person.

Learn to respond to your users when they contact you. It’s a simple respect that can give you the loyalty of a person for the entire life of a brand. People are used to the fact that brands live in a comfortable rhythm, regardless of the time and needs of the client. Surprise them.

What can be done:

Always respond to your customers. Even on vacation. If you are awake, answer. If you cannot answer (went to the mountains, there is no connection) – find a person who will do it if you are absent. No substitute at all tell your subscribers that you won’t be online and explain why.

Respond with awareness. Better answer in an hour, after consulting an expert, then write “We use high-quality materials and exclusive fittings, that’s why it’s so expensive”.

Remember that people are quick to move away from inaccessible and passive brands. Nobody will seek you. This is not the case.

Rule 6. Feedback

Remember your reaction to the answering machine. Irritation? Avoid your competitors’ mistakes: don’t assume communication should be customer-driven. Be proactive. Manage your communication. Attract attention, maintain attention, overcome barriers, hear your audience, be patient. And most importantly, be a human in these relationships, not a cold advertising robot.

What can be done:

  • Respond to user reactions personally and quickly.
  • Choose the content your customers want to see.
  • Share the posts of your loyal users.

Remember, relationship success is a common cause, but you need it much more than your client. Take responsibility for the development and outcome of this communication.

To sum up

Any SMM marketer needs to be an interesting person for successful communication: fewer trained phrases, less sales, less distance, less control, and everything that creates barriers to communication in real life. Imagine that you are not doing marketing, but just talking to a person. Yes, you’d rather make a human mistake in your word than speak with templates of commercial proposals.

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