How to make an effective CALL TO ACTION in 10 min

The main purpose of call-to-action buttons is to grab the buyer’s attention and allay any doubts about the next step they should take. Typically, many users have a low attention span, which makes effective calls to action even more important in the context of the challenges than internet marketing techniques.

The most obvious example from e-commerce is the ‘Buy Now’ button, which seeks to get an immediate response from a site visitor in the form of an order.

5 components of a working ‘call to action’

1. Objectives

First of all, you need to clearly define what actions the user should take. For example – ‘leave your email’. There should be only one action. If more, it will make the decision-making process complicated. Even having only 2 choices, a person may get confused and won’t make a single one.

When composing your message text, rely on what you want the visitor to do. The goals you set are the key to creating an effective call to action. The correct text will encourage the client to take the desired action.

2. Brief Action Line

Choose your words for your call to action carefully. Be sure to write a headline that reflects the essence of your proposal. Next, use intuitive or action verbs. Pay attention to which calls to action you’ve used before. Most likely, it was “buy now” or “order now”.

This call-to-action option is for your benefit. Try replacing it with text that shows the benefit to the common man. Help people immediately understand the meaning of your sentence. Keep your call to action simple and clear. Avoid empty phrases that will only distract readers from the main goal.

3. Wrapper

Build a bond with your readers. Use the appeals and focus on what people need. Use the correct colors for the buttons. Contrasting is best to grab the attention of your visitors.

4. Size

Make your text concise, clear, and understandable enough. The optimal size is up to 150 characters.

The parameters of the CTA button also play an important role. Too small won’t get enough attention. At the same time, too big will look like a cry of despair.

For a call to action to work, your text must be readable. The font color and, in fact, the buttons, should stand out against the background.

5. Text style

Use targeted words that imply thought leadership and experience. However, try to avoid technical jargon.

*Now you are ready. Impero wishes you good luck!

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